Thu-Thuy Dang

Assistant Professor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry
Office: FIP 354
Phone: 250.807.9468

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Discovering new biosynthetic enzymes and pathways; generating specialized metabolites structural and functional diversities; re-constituting natural products metabolism in synthetic biology chassis.

Courses & Teaching



Plant BioCoRe Laboratory


Post doctoral research, John Innes Centre, UK
PhD, University of Calgary
MSc, University of Calgary
BSc, Viet Nam National University

Research Interests & Projects

My works aim to decode the genomic and biochemical features that contribute to the vast diversity of plants’ specialized metabolism.

Our immediate focus is on the medicinal alkaloids, of which many constitute the essential ingredients of traditional medicine worldwide. We utilize available, and/or generate new, RNA-seq and genome data of medicinal plants to investigate their metabolism with a suite of analytical, biochemical, bioinformatic and molecular genetic approaches.

Our long-term goal is to deliver biotechnologies that produce and/or customize high-value phytochemicals. These will allow sustainable alternatives complementing chemical extraction from plants or synthesis from petrochemicals.

Selected Publications & Presentations

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