Robert SzilagyiI would like to welcome you to the web portal of the Department of Chemistry at The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus.
The Department is proudly offering world-class educational and research opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students. Please explore the web pages that will inform you about the undergraduate programs in chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, environmental chemistry, and green chemistry. The latter is an option that is part of the exciting new Bachelor of Sustainability degree. These programs prepare our undergraduates for graduate studies and professional schools, such as medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry, and those interested in employment in industry or government.

We offer both MSc and PhD programs in chemistry and biochemistry often in interdisciplinary collaboration with other fields, such as biology, medicine, earth and environmental sciences, computer science, engineering, and management. Please visit the faculty research pages for more detailed information about how we tackle scientific challenges in discovering new enzymes, studying protein dynamics and function, designing new materials for solar energy conversion, studying single-molecule biophysics, synthesizing new molecules with biological importance and natural products, and exploring inorganic catalysis and coordination chemistry. The above highlighted research areas are complemented with a broad range of spectroscopic and imaging instrumentations and a broadening representation of theoretical and computational chemistry expertise. The presence of ‘high-value’ agriculture in the Okanagan Valley opens up collaborations in plant chemistry/biotechnology (cannabis) and analytical carbohydrate (wine) chemistry. The Department also features nationally recognized chemistry education research, where the impacts and effectiveness of active and collaborative learning activities are studied in the context of general chemistry concepts and molecular structure and bonding models. I invite you to get directly in touch with research advisors; they are standing by to answer your questions.

An important aspect of the Department’s mission is the involvement of undergraduate students in research projects that can provide them first-hand experience in designing scientific experiments, working in the lab alongside graduate students, postdocs, and world-class scientists, gaining experience in scientific presentations and publications. This takes place at one of the most successful departments in the Faculty of Sciences in terms of grants per capita, the success rate for new research faculties, and garnering awards such as Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research scholars, a Canada Research Chair, and a Principal’s Research Chair recognitions.
Please do not hesitate to inquire about openings during the semester or the summer months to become a part of our scientific research endevour.

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Associate Professor and Department Head



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UBC Okanagan offers a world-class, globally recognized degree at a smaller and more intimate campus.

Students can generally expect smaller class sizes and greater access to their professors, while gaining the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research and projects.

Our chemists investigate a broad cross-section of problems, including medically related problems, developing new materials for solar power, and determining how to make non-human milk healthier for babies, along with many other topics. Undergraduates have the opportunity to be involved at all levels of this research, broadening their academic experience.

Experience the exciting field of chemistry here in the beautiful Okanagan valley.

Chemistry graduate student doing research in lab