Chemistry and biochemistry contribute to our knowledge not just by discovering what already exists in the world, but also by adding to it, through the creation of new substances and materials at the molecular level.
Student in the chemistry lab at UBC Okanagan


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Featured Students

Undergraduate students think big with living light bulb

Gustavo Muro Marchani and his group’s iGEM project, Life Bulb, is a living light bulb that aims to generate light from organic material using bioluminescence and solar power. This creation is not reliant on electricity and can convert greenhouse gases into oxygen, making it a sustainable alternative to LED lights.

Gustavo Muro Marchani
Undergraduate Student, Bachelor of Science

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iGem Students at UBCO

International student research

A unique research pathway ultimately brought Bhavesh Gnnanapareddy from India to Canada. He worked alongside faculty members Gino DiLabio and Robert Szilagyi on personalized and customized research projects as an undergraduate student. Bavesh will continue his research as a graduate student at UBC Okanagan.

Bhavesh Gnnanapareddy
PhD Student, Chemistry

Bhavesh Gnnanapareddy

Teaching assistant excellence

Congratulations to Amanda Darbyshire for being awarded the 2023 UBC Okanagan Provost Award for Teaching Assistants and Tutors. Amanda is an exceptional individual who has made a significant impact on the academic community as a long-standing first-year chemistry Teaching Assistant.

Amanda Darbyshire
PhD Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Amanda Derbyshire

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Faculty Excellence

Alternatives to fossil fuel derived energy

Robert Godin, Assistant Professor of Green Chemistry, is investigating clean and efficient energy technologies as part of the movement to reduce the use of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Synthetic and solar fuels show potential as sustainable sources of power.

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Robert Godin

Researcher of the Year

Isaac Li, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has been honoured with the distinguished 2023 Researcher of the Year award in natural sciences and engineering.

His research focuses on analyzing single molecules and has tremendous potential to revolutionize disease treatment strategies.


West Coast Teaching Excellence Award

Associate Professor of Chemistry Stephen McNeil is a recipient of the 2023 West Coast Teaching Excellence Award, UBC Okanagan’s first recognition at these awards.

This Award recognizes Dr. McNeil’s longstanding dedication to learner-centred and inclusive teaching practices and his significant impact on the culture of teaching and learning.


Stephen McNeil

Chemistry Research at UBC Okanagan


Our research spans many traditional and emerging disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, with noteworthy focuses on chemical biology and biophysics, catalysis, natural products, metabolomics, computational chemistry, and biochemical structure and mechanism.


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