Judit Moldovan Memorial Chemistry Teaching Assistant Awards

Each year, the UBCO Chemistry Department presents the Judit Moldovan Memorial Chemistry Teaching Assistant Awards, consisting of a certificate and a $500 prize, to the most deserving Graduate Chemistry TA and Undergraduate Chemistry TA.  The awardees are chosen for their teaching excellence, leadership, enthusiasm in their role as a TA, and service to both the Chemistry Department and their fellow students.

Judit Moldovan was the UBCO Chemistry Laboratory Manager from 2005 to 2011.  Judit played a key role in the development of the UBCO Chemistry Lab Program, and her legacy continues in the positive impact on the education of the thousands of students who have participated in Chemistry labs during and since her time at UBCO – there have been over 27,000 chemistry lab students from 2005-2018, who have conducted roughly 200,000 experiments.

The Moldovan Memorial TA awards were established by Judit’s children to honour her memory and her love of the sciences and her teaching assistants.  Information about Judit’s life, the awards, and how to contribute to the award funds may be found at:

Undergraduate Award:  https://memorial.support.ubc.ca/judit-moldovan/

Graduate Award:  https://memorial.support.ubc.ca/judit-moldovan-grad-award/

A list of past award winners follows.

Moldovan TA Award Winners:


Elizabeth Strohm, Graduate TA:
B.Sc. Hon. Chem, 2010; M.Sc. Chem, 2013

Addison Desnoyer, Undergraduate TA:
B.Sc. Hon. Chem, 2008;  M.Sc. Chem, 2013


Wen Zhou, Graduate TA
Colby Finney, Undergraduate TA


Caitlyn Makins, Graduate TA
Laura Fairburn, Undergraduate TA


Faezeh Dousty, Graduate TA
Edward Truong, Undergraduate TA


Shelir Ebrahimi, Graduate TA
Amanda Enevoldson, Undergraduate TA


Mason Vandel, Graduate TA (Honorary)
Jordan O’Grady, Undergraduate TA


Stephanie Bishop, Graduate TA
Jacky Deng, Undergraduate TA


Ben Olafsen, Graduate TA
Ieva Zigg, Undergraduate TA


Amanda Darbyshire, Graduate TA
Caleb Gerrits, Undergraduate TA


Riley Petillion, Graduate TA
Rebecca Chadney, Undergraduate TA


Eduardo Romero-Montalvo, Graduate TA
Darina Vehkova, Undergraduate TA


Teddy Herriman, Graduate TA
William Kennedy, Undergraduate TA